Game Losers Radio is the official podcast of Game Losers Dot Net and is currently on indefinite hiatus. Thank you for your support! The episodes will always be out there.

You can subscribe to the podcast on iTunes. Topics from episode to episode shift from sports to video games and so on. Most episodes are and will be hosted by Roger Burton, Editor-In-Chief of Game Losers. Other episodes may be hosted by Christie Rivera, Head Editor of Game Losers. Many episodes will also have guests who either have already been published via Game Losers or will one day write a piece for Game Losers.

Topics for each episode will be similar to topics for the weekly pieces on the main GL website: things that may be less heralded but no less worthy of discussion. They will be presented so that anyone can listen to the podcast and understand the discussion going on. We’ll keep it casual, conversational, and friendly. We will swear on occasion, but we will always content warn for anything in specific that necessitates it before we talk about it.

Episodes will typically run between 45 minutes and an hour. Our goal is to make that block of time worth YOUR time. Thanks for listening. We’re all losers here.

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