Game Losers Dot Net has been around for a very long time. It has underwent multiple iterations–first a small forum, then a blog, then a small forum again, then a blog again. This is likely the endgame.

Game Losers has one mission: to bring you sports and video game journalism that you will be unable to find anywhere else. Yeah, you can go to ESPN to read about LeBron. Yeah, you can go to IGN to read about Call of Duty. But where are you gonna go when you want to read about Donkey Kong 64 in 2015? Where are you gonna go when you want to read about the trials and tribulations of a club in the fourth division of Italian (non-American) football? Game Losers is that place.

I suppose I should talk about myself. My name is Roger Burton. I am 22 years old. And I love sports and video games. I also love writing. I also love writing about sports and video games. These things should explain themselves.

Every Wednesday, a new post from me will go up. This is the meat of the website. These will be longer pieces. Inbetween, I will post other pieces, some long, some short, some by me, some not.

This is where you come in. There are no hoops to jump through to write for GL. Just send me a (well-written and edited) piece on either sports or video games (bonus points for both at the same time!) and I’ll publish it here. I can’t pay you, but if it makes you feel any better, I can’t pay me.

Game Losers has changed a lot in the past. And it will change a lot in the future. But finally, it is what I want it to be. Let’s lose some games together.


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  1. Hey Roger, got a link to your blog from a friend of mine. The idea of a small gaming blog anyone can contribute to motivated me to put form to an idea I’ve had rattling around for a while, which I will attach to the end of this comment. Hope your readers enjoy it, if it meets the posting standards! -TheClassConsciousGamer


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